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Out of Stock until August. Mustang Grape Chipotle

The The native Texas Mustang Grape (Vitis Mustangensis) grows wild throughout south, central and east Texas as well as Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. These grapes have been used for centuries for wine making, jams and jellies. The fresh grapes are a bit too tart to eat, but once cooked or fermented they become rich and flavorful. Jimmy O’s Mustang Grape Chipotle Sauce captures that sweet-tart grape flavor and combines smoked Chipotle peppers to make one of the most incredible grilling and dipping sauces you’ve ever tasted.

For a great dip just pour over cream cheese and serve with your favorite crackers or chips. Grilling will never be the same. Try seasoning your meats or seafood with Jimmy O’s Spicy Rub or Steak & Seafood Rub, grill or smoke until nearly done, then coat with Jimmy O’s Mustang Grape Chipotle Sauce. Continue to grill or smoke on low heat for 30 more minutes. Unbelievable! No MSG, no preservatives and Fat Free! Nothing is higher in antioxidants!


SHIPPING POLICY    After 20+ years of shipping Jimmy O's across the globe our processing and handling expenses have finally increased to a point where we must assess a minimal shipping fee of $9.00 to all orders placed online or phone-in. Still a great deal!


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New flavor for 2014!!! MANGO-LIME MARINADE with a touch of Habanero and Gold Tequila!!

Nothing is better than Lime juice squeezed on a slice of ripe Mango. Now, imagine adding a splash of Gold Tequila and just the right amount of Habanero Pepper. Simmered together with Fire Roasted Bell Peppers, onions, garlic, brown sugar and spices and you have the most amazing new Specialty Sauce and Marinade on the market! The perfect compliment for marinating all your white meats; poultry, pork, fish and any seafood. But wait until you try it over cream cheese as a dip with your favorite wheat cracker. Great for dipping fried shrimp and egg rolls. You’ll be hooked! Only 15 calories per tablespoon and fat free, so enjoy all you like.



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