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Looking for more info about Jimmy O's Marinades, Rubs, and Salsas?  Just scroll down to find out more about each product, its ingredients, nutritional facts, and cooking recommendations.


Jimmy O's Texas Fajita & Carne Asada Rub

Inspired by Mexican restaurants on the River Walk in Old San Antonio, Jimmy O’s Fajita Rub is the perfect blend of herbs and spices for traditional Carne Asada and Fajitas. But don’t stop there, try it on steaks, chops, wild game, ribs, burgers and just about anything you want to grill. Perfect in beans and on corn on the cobb.




Jimmy O's Texas Steak & Seafood Rub, 6.5 oz

Real lemon zest combined with Jimmy O’s legendary Spicy Rub makes this the best Lemon Pepper you’ve ever tasted. There’s no substitute on steaks, chops, ribs, chicken, seafood, game and veggies. See the “Ultimate Grilled Steak” recipe under the “Recipes” tab for the best steak ever! To grill or broil fish and seafood to perfection, coat with melted butter or oil and generously sprinkle on all sides. Cook as desired. Try this on veggies too! Lower in sodium so shake it on generously. No MSG or gluten , no sugar added! 


 Real lemon zest combined with Jimmy O's legendary spicy rub and you've got a true Texas style lemon pepper. There's no substitute on steaks, fajitas, chicken, seafood, wild game and veggies. All natural. No MSG. No trans fat. No preservatives. No corn syrup added.



Jimmy O's Texas Spicy Rub, 7 oz

From deep in the heart of Texas, this zesty blend of peppers and spices is our bestselling, all-purpose seasoning. Dried Ancho chiles, garlic, onion and other peppers are carefully blended. Shake on all kinds of meat, poultry, fish, wild game and veggies. Delightful on fried foods, pinto beans, burgers, tacos, and anything grilled or smoked. No MSG or gluten , no sugar added!  Add equal parts brown sugar for a sweet Baby-Back Rib rub. Add to flour to Chicken Fry. "Spicy" means flavorful, only medium hot.






     Jimmy O's Texas Medium Hot Peach and Pepper Marinade , 12 oz

Juicy ripe peaches from the Texas Hill Country and roasted bell peppers are perfectly blended with fresh herbs and spices to create one of the most unique marinades you’ve ever tasted. An instant marinade for pork, chicken, seafood and vegetables for grilling or broiling. It’s low in salt so it can be used as a dip. Not too hot, only about a 5 on a scale of 1-10. Just pour over cream cheese and serve with crackers. When grilling, salt and pepper to taste or better yet, try it with Jimmy O’s Spicy Rub! Our bestselling product!



Jimmy O's Texas Tangy Teriyaki Marinade, 12 oz

Designed for the true Gourmet Connoisseur, this is the ultimate, most complete teriyaki you can buy. Not just soy sauce, we add ginger, wasabi, sake, sesame oil, garlic, rice vinegar, pineapple juice and brown sugar. Try it anytime you need to marinate meats, poultry, seafood, veggies and of course it’s great with Asian foods. Use it as steak sauce and barbecue sauce for a fat free taste that’s out of this world. More tangy than sweet, add additional sugar or honey if you like it sweeter. Contains soy.

Jimmy O's Texas Garlic and Herb Rub, 7 oz

A centuries old combination of garlic, rosemary, sage and lemon, brought to Texas by Alsatian immigrants in the 1800’s. This delightful blend perfectly seasons all kinds of meats, especially poultry and pork. Also makes wonderful sausage or meatballs when you add up to one tablespoon per pound to your favorite ground meats. See the Sausage recipe under the “Recipes” tab. It’s also the ultimate potato seasoning on baked, roasted or mashed potatoes. Try it on fish and veggies too! No MSG, no sugar added.





Jimmy O's Mild Texas Salsa with Roasted Garlic, 16 oz

Our Roasted Garlic Salsas are made with fresh Texas tomatoes! Why truck tomatoes in from California or Mexico when we can get them vine-ripened (not picked green) from local Texas providers. These fresh tomatoes are grown for flavor, not shelf life. Jimmy O’s Texas Salsa supplies a wide range of antioxidant vitamins, natural phytochemicals like the lycopene and potassium. No onions in this recipe, we use Fire Roasted Garlic that adds a wonderful flavor and incredible health benefits too. Who knew you were eating so healthy? Just a few ounces and you’ve got a daily serving of vegetables. Made in San Antonio using Texas jalapenos, cilantro, garlic, etc. Fat free, no MSG, no preservatives added, no corn syrup and only 5 calories per serving. Super mild, only a 2 on the heat scale of 1-10.




Jimmy O's Fire Roasted Salsa,  Hot  16 oz

The tomatoes, peppers, onion and garlic are all cooked over open flame in this version. Incredible flavor! Even though the label says Hot, it’s actually closer to medium-hot, only about a 6 on the 1-10 heat scale. Try serving this one warm with chips. Makes the best Huevos Rancheros you ever  had too. Made in San Antonio using Texas jalapenos, cilantro, garlic, etc. Fat free, no MSG, no preservatives added, no corn syrup and only 5 calories per serving.

         Jimmy O's Texas Garlic Pesto Marinade and Pasta Sauce,  12 oz

Created for seafood and delicate meats on the grill, this versatile marinade and dressing starts with fresh garlic, basil, cilantro, parsley and peppermint. Then we add fresh lime juice, white wine, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. As delicious as it is healthy for you! Not only for seafood and meats, try it on pasta, veggies and salads too. Dip with French bread. Very low sodium. When grilling add Jimmy O's Garlic & Herb Rub or salt and pepper to taste.




Jimmy O's Medium Hot Peach Salsa, , 16oz

Like the Mild version this salsa uses Roasted Garlic and fresh Texas tomatoes. It’s combined with Texas peaches from the Stonewall area and has a bit more heat than the mild. About a 5 on the scale of 1-10. Made in San Antonio using Texas jalapenos, cilantro, garlic, etc. Fat free, no MSG, no preservatives added, no corn syrup and only 5 calories per serving. No onions in this recipe, we use Fire Roasted Garlic that adds a wonderful flavor and incredible health benefits too.


Jimmy O's Mesquite Marinade Concentrate 12 oz.

Jimmy O’s original product created over 26 years ago. One 12 oz. bottle of TEXAS MESQUITE marinates 15 lbs. of Beef, Turkey or Venison to make the best Natural JERKY you’ve ever tasted. Complete directions on each bottle.  It also marinates all kinds of meat and seafood when you use it sparingly with Jimmy O’s Garlic Pesto Marinade or your favorite Italian salad dressing. But go easy, it’s concentrated! All the flavor of South Texas and it’s fat-free, no MSG and no preservatives. Very low sodium. Contains soy.



Jimmy O's Texas Tres Chiles Hot Sauce and Marinade, 12 oz

Three classic Texas peppers are blended together to create the most delicious red hot sauce you can buy. Second place awards at the Texas Fiery Foods Show and the National Fiery Foods Show. Fresh red Jalapenos, smoked Chipotle Peppers and fire roasted red Bell Peppers are slow simmered to perfection. A true Old San Antonio style pepper sauce that’s great on all kinds of food. Tacos, burgers, beans, eggs, pizza, any-thing that needs a kick. Add to ketchup to jazz up French fries! Nice and thick, not thin and vinegary. Medium-Hot, about a 7 on the scale of 1 to 10.





Jimmy O's Texas Honey Mesquite Barbecue Sauce,

Mild-Medium, 12 oz

An old trail rider’s recipe, made with fresh garlic, jalapenos, honey, onions, molasses, coffee, Worcestershire sauce, Jimmy O’s Spicy Rub, and even a touch of cocoa. Then we add real mesquite smoke. More tangy than sweet, not too hot, perfect on all types of barbecue and anything grilled or smoked. Mild to Medium hot, only about a 4 on the heat scale. Blends well with Tres Chiles hot sauce for a better kick. Add some Peach & Pepper Marinade for a hot and fruity BBQ sauce. Contains soy.